Board 2023/2024


UF Göteborg is an organization integrated by women and men from all around the globe who share an interest in international affairs.

Right now we have in the board people from: Sweden, Bolivia, Germany, France, Spain, Greece, etc. 


Maya Mbog Rosén


Vice President

Sofia Hägglin

Sofia is from Lund, Sweden, and is a second-year Master student studying International Administration and Global Governance. Her interest in international relations and sustainable development on both micro- and macro levels led to her applying to the UF Gothenburg board. Outside of UF, Sofia spends her time singing, reading, and enjoying time with friends.



Manjurul Mahmud

Manjurul comes from Dhaka, Bangladesh, and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Political Communication. His passion towards international affairs motivated him to apply for the secretary position in this organization. His primary interest focuses on democracy, decolonization, and international politics, especially in the South Asian region.



Salome Tsikarishvili


Editors-in-Chief of Utblick Magazine

Henny Schulte


Henny comes from Germany and currently pursues a Master’s degree in political communication at the university of Gothenburg. As editor-in-chief of Utblick Magazine, she hopes to gain journalistic experience while enjoying being able to publish political analyses independently. Her primary interests in international affairs are geopolitics, U.S. and French affairs and the Middle East.



Public Relations

Eetu Juvonen


Head of Social Committee

Nengi Brown


Head of The Global Inn Podcast

Benedetta Zirilla


Heads of the Lecture Committee

Minou Lion

Minou comes from Gothenburg, Sweden and is currently pursuing a degree in law. Her interest in human rights led her to get involved with the lecture committee as a means to spread awareness about important global issues. Other than organizing lectures with UF, she enjoys rock climbing and cooking with friends.


Thanh Vivian Lam

Thanh Vivian Lam, 21 and from Borås, is a third-year Political Science Bachelor major. It was an interest for spreading knowledge and raising awareness of yesterday’s, today’s, and tomorrow’s political issues that motivated her to apply as Head of Lecture. During her free time, she enjoys baking, reading and playing video games, as well as being with her loved ones. 

Contact: lecture@ufgbg.s

Head of the Travel Committee

Anita Knöchelmann


UFS Representative

Farida Talibi

This is Farida, our UF representative from Baku, Azerbaijan. She is currently studying International Relations at Gothenburg University. Farida has a passion for reading books and engaging in political discussions, which inspired her to join UF. She is eager to broaden her knowledge and network through UF.

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