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Utrikespolitiska Föreningen Göteborg logotyp

We are a politically independent association with the ambition to create interest and to spread knowledge about foreign policy issues. Learn more about us.

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Welcome to The Society of International Affairs in Gothenburg!


Everyone can become a member of the society, you do not need to be a student. You can become a member by attending one of our events and register before you enter the venue.

If you prefer to register online, fill in this form. Your payment will take 1-2 weeks to be registered. After that you will be able to collect your membership card at one of our events.


If you are a high school student (gymnasium) you can join for free. Contact us for more information.


Member benefits

As a member you can attend our lectures, movie screenings and other events free of charge. Our events costs 20 SEK for non-members. You will get four issues of our magazine Utblick delivered to you free of charge. You also get a chance to join us on our trips, apply to board positions and vote at the annual meetings.

But the best part of being a member is meeting all the great people who are interested in foreign affairs.


Once again: Welcome to the Society of International Affairs in Gothenburg!