Apply to the Board 2015

Are you interested in foreign affairs? Do you want to be a part of developing one of the largest student societies at the University of Gothenburg? In that case, you are the person we are looking for! Take the chance to get insight in board activities as well as influence the future of this society. For the annual meeting The Society of International Affairs is searching for candidates to the following posts to make up our board for 2015:

As the president, you lead the work of the board and manage relations with external contacts of the association. If the other board members need help with their tasks, it’s your job to help them out.

Vice President:
As the vice president, you share the tasks of the president. You’re also the main responsible person for applying and reporting on grants, together with the treasurer.

As the treasurer, you manage the bookkeeping and administer ingoing and outgoing payments. You’re also selling membership and entrance tickets at our lectures. Together with the vice president, you’re responsible for applying for and reporting on grants.

As the secretary, you register new members at our lectures and administer our member register. You also write the protocols at the board meetings.



Heads of the lecture committee:
(3 positions)
As the heads of the lecture committee, you plan and host lectures weekly throughout the semesters. Important tasks include managing your budget, booking lecture halls and coordinating security measures on some instances, as well as organizing the work of the active members in the committee effectively. As a fun bonus, you’ll have the chance to go out and have dinner with many of the invited lecturers.

Head of the event committee – activities:
As the head of the event committee with focus on activities, you’re responsible for selecting documentaries to screen at our film club and host these events every other week throughout the semesters. You also organize social activities for members, for instance parties. In this role, you organize the work of the active members in the committee who will assist you in these tasks. If you find the time, you’re also encouraged to help in organizing our trips.

Head of the event committee – travel:

As the head of the event committee with focus on travel, you plan a study trip abroad each semester, and also serve as the leader during the trips. Trip costs are funded through a combination of grants and participant fees, so keep in mind that holding this position require you to spend some of your private money. If you find the time, you’re also encouraged to help out with the running of the film club and organization of social activities.



Head of the PR committee:
As the head of the PR committee, you organize class visits and a welcome mingle for new students at the start of each semester. You also inform about how you can become active in UF at our events, and you strategically plan how to market our events together with the other committees, for instance through holding “info tables” at various faculties throughout the semesters. You’re also responsible for our ongoing “high school project”, wherein you organize UF lectures for high school students. You have the active members in the PR committee to help you with these tasks.

Head of the PR committee – Webmaster:
As our webmaster, you’re responsible for updating our website and social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You also design the posters for our events. The webmaster works closely with the other committees and strategically plans how to promote our events using the web. If you so wish, you have the active members in the PR committee to help you with these tasks.


Editors-in-chief of Utblick:
(2 positions)
As the editors-in-chief of Utblick, you lead the work of the editorial staff of our quarterly magazine on international affairs. Important tasks include managing the contact with the printing house, providing feedback to writers’ ideas as well as editing the magazine before it goes into print. If you find the time, you’re also encouraged to keep the website of Utblick updated with new articles.

Head of the MUN committee:
As the head of the Model United Nations committee, you recruit participants for local simulations and delegates for conferences in Sweden and abroad. In organizing the local simulations, you research topics and provide guidelines to the participants. You also chair the sessions. In organizing participation at conferences, you make applications to participate and prepare together with the delegation. You also coordinate practical matters like travel and housing. To your help with these tasks, you have the active members in the MUN committee. Travel to international conferences are only partly funded by grants, so keep in mind that holding this position requires you to spend some of your personal money.

You can also apply for the following commissions of trusts:


Election committee:
(4 positions)
You read applications for board positions and conduct interviews with the applicants. You then make nominations to the annual meeting, or the board when it comes to by-lections.

(2 positions)
As the accountants, you review the work of the board and make sure that they follow the by-laws and the operational plan as well as managing the economy soundly. If the board feels unsure about any of these things, you provide them with your advise.


Financial accountant: 
As the financial accountant, you review the accounting and work of the board and make a recommendation to the annual meeting whether to give the resigning board freedom from liability or not. If the treasurer is unsure about anything regarding managing of the economy, you provide him/her with advise.


Interested in any of these positions?


Send us your CV and a personal letter at the latest December 7th to .


Please note that you can apply for (but not hold) several positions, or make a “general application” for all positions. If the election committee think you would be a good board member, they will call you to an interview.

If you have any questions about the application process contact either the election committee ( or the president (