Be one of the members in the UN Security Council – join the game!

The Model United Nations Society in Gothenburg is pleased to invite you to participate in our first Security Council simulation, which will take place on May 19th.


Participants in the Model United Nations Security Council will be able to experience first-hand how the UNSC works, and will have the opportunity to deal with urgent issues of peace and security around the world, under realistic time pressures. At the same time, participants will also learn about the policies and beliefs of the countries that are being represented.


This simulation does not require any prior experience of MUN, and is designed to be a learning experience. Knowledge of the topic and your country’s policy on the topic is key to successful participation, but rules of parliamentary procedure and the powers of the Security Council will be explained throughout. However, participants are asked to familiarize themselves prior to the simulation by referring to the following documents:


MUN Delegate guide (this will be mailed to all participants in due course)


Short list of points and motions in Adobe Acrobat PDF format:



Official U.N. Security Council website at


We are looking for fifteen participants to act as delegates representing the countries on the Security Council. The simulation will take approx. two to three hours.


Register your interest for this free event by signing up at the Facebook event page. This page you find here!