Utblick on Colours

Our magazine Utblick just published their new issue – Colours.


“The most immediate connection between colour and politics that come to mind is perhaps the way political parties use them to create an identity that corresponds to their point on the ideological spectrum. But in terms of meaning, colours are ambiguous. Colours receive their respective denotations in specific social, cultural and political contexts. The colour red does not translate into similar political sympathies in Europe as it does in the United States, to name one example.” — Letter from the editors of Utblick


You can read the new issue online, together with a big back catalogue of Utblick magazines. Our members will get the magazine in their mail box.


Table of contents:


Shades of the Thai Monarchy p.4


En spirande politisk medvetenhet i Istanbul? p.8


Gröna droger p.10


Voluntourism – Who Is Profiting From Whom? p.12


Gender & Colour the Social Construction of the Pink/Blue Dichotomy p.14


Way Out West Went Veggie p.16


La Celeste – Fotboll som politisk indikator p.22


Ska – A Bridge Between Black & White p.24


How Random Is the Random Check? p.26


Organhandel på den svarta marknaden p.28