Utrikespolitiska Föreningen i Göteborg is looking for new board members!

Applications for The Society of International Affairs (UF Gothenburg) board of 2021/2022 is open again! 

We are filling the vacant positions of the UF board for the current operational year!As a member of the board, you have the unique opportunity to contribute to our cause of spreading knowledge and promoting issues related to foreign affairs – as well as broadening your network with a dream team. Keep reading below for more on the available positions and make sure to apply at the latest on 10 th of January. 🗓

The available positions are:

Head of Social Committee
Head of PR
Head of Lecture
Deputy-Editor-in-Chief of Utblick
UF Youth Ambassador

Interested in any of these positions or know anyone who would? Please fill out this application form and spread the word: https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSdvDZ2SdY0…/viewform…

Below are the task descriptions:

– Responsible for the management of the association and lead the work of the board.
– Calling for board meetings.
– Responsible for membership recruitment together with the Vice President.
– Manage relations with external contacts of the association and represent the association in different contexts, such as speaking at conventions or participating in social events.

🗣Heads of the Lecture Committee:
(2 positions)
– Planning and hosting lectures throughout the semesters.
– Manage your budget, book lecture halls and coordinate security measures on some instances, organize the work of the active members in the committee effectively.
– As a fun bonus; have the chance to meet and have dinner with many of the invited lecturers.

💃🏻🎬Head of Social Committee.
– Responsible for organizing and hosting film screenings, Fika Politica and quiz nights, and various social gatherings for members.
– Find a topic for the debate café Fika Politica around a topic related to the current state of affairs internationally and moderate the event.

📸Head of the PR committee:
(2 positions)
– Multiple areas of responsibility within public relations, including posting our events on our social media platforms and create content and being active on our social media.
– Informing on how to become active in UF Gothenburg at events.
– Writing newsletters, designing posters for events, and creating a marketing strategy for events together with the other committees.

🧍🏽‍♀️🧍🏼UF Youth Ambassador:
– Reach out to and collaborate with high schools, youth organizations and students under the age of 26 in the Gothenburg region to engage younger people, who are a key target group for the association.
– The tasks include setting up contact with high schools, organizing events at high schools, as well as holding events for high schoolers at the university.
– Work closely and aided in your work by the PR and Lecture committees.

🖋Deputy Editor-in-chief of Utblick:
(1 position)
Tasks include:
-Help the Editor-in-Chief with the weekly tasks of the magazine – updating the website, make sure we will have something to publish, and advertise on Facebook.
– Help edit articles to get them ready for publishing (this work is divided within the editorial team)
Other tasks decided on together with the Editor-in-Chief. 

The last day to apply is the 10th of January. Don’t wait with your application!