We are looking for new board members!

The Society of International Affairs in Gothenburg is looking for several board members for the fall semester. Have a look at the descriptions below and join our fantastic team!


Here is who we are looking for:
– 2 heads of the PR committee
As the head of the PR committee you have a few areas of responsibility: first and foremost you are responsible for the promotion of the Society, be it through the website, social media, newsletter, posters or any other means that are available. Moreover, you organize class visits and inform about how to become active in UF during various events, as well as lead the “High school project” which involved spreading the knowledge about the world to the high school students.
– 2 heads of the Event committee
As the head of the Event committee you are responsible for two main things: the film club and study trips. The film club organizes regular screenings of documentaries on the topics related to international. The study trip abroad is arranged every semester and you are the leader of this trip. The trips are funded through a combination of grants and participant fees so keep in mind that going on trips requires you to spend some of your private money. You can also organize various other events for the members, including social events and parties.
– 1 head of Radio Utblick
Radio Utblick is yet another means of spreading knowledge about the world, this time through the means of a radio program. As head of Radio Utblick you will be responsible for making sure the radio show is regularly broadcasted. For every program you and your team will decide on a theme, make interviews, record, edit and then broadcast. Once the show is broadcasted it is your responsibility to advertise it and make it available online.


All the board members are free (and encouraged) to recruit other members to their respective committees to help them with those tasks.


If you are interested in any (or several) of the above positions send your CV and a short motivation letter to election@ufgbg.se before September 12, 2016.


We are looking forward to your applications!