The 3rd round is here!

Greetings for everybody! In the 3rd round of the introductory-week please welcome the UFS Representative, Anahita!

PR: Please introduce yourself a little bit:

Anahita: My name is Anahita, I’m 20 years old and a law student at the university of gothenburg. I’m the UFS-representative ( or SAIA representative) for gothenburg, which means that not only am I a part of the gothenburg board but also a part of the national UF board. I’m essentially the intermediate between the national board and the regional one.

PR: What made you join the UF?

Anahita: Originally I joined the Mun:s that UF organises. I’d heard about them from different people and thought it would be interesting to try out. Once I started with mun I met different people that shared the same interest in foreign policy, and UF became like a little community for me. Now I’m the UFS representitiv and I am meeting even more people, discussing politics in a wider range and in a fun and creative environment.

PR: What, according to you is the most current problem facing the word and what do you think is a suitable solution?

Anahita: I am a strong advocate for the construction and cohesion of various international communities. Without going into it too much, I think it is the closest the world will come to impartiality and objectivity between different countries. Where one recognizes that there are joint values and interests that should be safeguarded by the international communities.

Today we are seeing that countries are happy to leave different international communities to protect their own interests. This view, will in the long run prove to be catastrophic. Protecting the international communities I believe is a vital problem that the world is facing today. Disregarding what one thinks about them per se, it is the lesser of two evils. Solution? Educate people about why they exist, what their function is and the positive impact they have.

PR: What are your thoughts on the environmental issues ?

Anahita: I believe it is the only common denominator between people today. Though it’s still a dire situation with a lot of problems. The main one being that rich and big countries are the worst environmental beacons. These countries have the highest ecological footprints, yet make the least effort to remediate the problems. In the end, smaller countries with more environmentally friendly precaution won’t make a big difference when looking at the bigger picture. One needs to get the larger countries involved and one way of doing such is through intentional communities.

PR: If you were to meet a genie, what two wishes would you wish for? For the world and personally.

For the world = World peace ( Insert Miss universe soundtrack).

Personally = Have dinner with Che Guevara

PR: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now ?

Anahita:̄\_(ツ)_/ ̄

PR: What is your hobby ?

Anahita: I enjoy swimming and reading-preferably George Orwell.

PR: What is your favorite movie ?

Anahita:Anything disney.

PR: And finally Star Wars or Lord of The rings or Harry Potter ?

The boy who lived all the way.