The 4th day.

Greetings again for everybody! In the 4th day of the introductory-week you can meet with the Head of the Events Committee!
Please welcome Dino !

PRPlease introduce yourself a little bit

Dino: I’m a law student at Handels who’s been a member of UF for the last two years. Obviously what made me join initially was the interest for a platform with non-partisan view of politics, and I am looking forward to take the association even closer to that goal during my time as Head of the Events committee. 

PRWhat, according to you is the most current problem facing the word and what do you think is a suitable solution.

Dino: What is the biggest problem in the world and what can be a solution?
Depends on who we ask. We live in a society where almost nobody wants to take responsibility, not just for the challenges in society, but even for their own lives. There is a huge vacuum – a lack of leadership – on active values (symbolically ”on the top”), which leads to polarisation and an unhealthy balance in our actions (”on the ground”).. 
..Also, I would add that, people need to get more tolerant, take less offence but simultaneously grow a spine.

PR: What are your thoughts on the environmental issues ?

Dino: We either got to redefine the meaning of a ”good” life and the luxuries it contains, or the population of the world needs to drop drastically. As long as commercialization is part of the modern culture, the first seems almost impossible, especially as more and more people are drawn out of poverty. As to the second, its inevitable that we are directly linked to the well-being of mother nature.
The rhetoric is misleading, because the nature will eventually adapt. However, the question is whether we will be a part of that transition. 

PR: If you were to meet a genie, what two wishes would you wish for. For the world and personally.

Dino: First, give everyone a shot at doing what they really want to do.
For myself.. I’ll quote Gates on this one, the ability to read much faster. 

PR: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now ?

Dino: 10 years from now I am on my way to conquer the world; but first I got to conquer myself. 

PR: What is your hobby ?

Dino: Playing and writing music, kayaking and being in nature, reading and writing, and learning random stuff about things I did not know existed. 

PR: What is your favorite movie ?

Dino: Hollywood produces interesting stuff but there’s a whole world of national movies globally which are more genuine. I like those kind of varieties where you get a fresh perspective. 

PR: And finally Star Wars or Lord of The rings or Harry Potter ?

Dino: Harry Potter!