Meet the New Board, Part 5: Rosalie Ledee, Head of the MUN Committee

Today we’re introducing Rosalie Ledee, one of our two heads of the Model United Nations Committee!


What is the best thing about being one of the heads of the MUN Committee?

Rosalie: The first thing that comes to my mind is the possibility to meet new people from all over Europe. During every simulation, I discover other ways of thinking and presenting arguments. And as a head of the Committee, you must go deeper into the topics we discuss, it’s really interesting.


You are from France. Would you like to share your thoughts with us about the French election this year?

It’s a very intense election this year! A lot is at stake, and I’m scared that Marine Le Pen from the extreme right party has a chance to win. I think everything could happen and the result might be very surprising, I can’t wait to know. Living and studying in Sweden gave me another view of politics, and the affairs around some candidates appear outrageous.


What made you interested in politics?

I guess the first reason was that my mother is interested in politics, it made me curious about what it was. Actually, the fact that I’m curious about everything pushed me to politics, because it can concern all aspects of life and so many different countries that I always want to know more about it.


During your stay here in Sweden – what has been the most 1) fun 2) surprising and 3) strange thing so far?

The funniest and most amazing thing I did so far is a trip to Lapland for sure! It was beautiful, particularly dog sledging which was so fun. It will be one of my best memories here. Then, the most surprising thing might be a place of nature in the city. I’m living near a lake, and you can find huge parks within the city, I love it. And the strangest thing is the Swedish’s obsession for liquorice! So many liquorice flavoured candy, and the salted liquorice is a mystery to me!


If you could be invisible for one day, how would you spend that day?

That’s not a power I would want! But I guess I would enjoy to enter places for free, for instance go to Liseberg, to the cinema or to the spa of the Gothia Towers for free!