About Us

Our aim and ambition is to spread knowledge and spark discussion about foreign policy issues by arranging interesting lectures, debates, international film screenings, travels, field trips, publishing our own magazine called Utblick and many other things.


The Society of International Affairs in Gothenburg (Utrikespolitiska föreningen i Göteborg – UF) is a politically and religiously independent association that belongs to Utrikespolitiska förbundet Sverige (UFS). We have sister associations represented in ten other UF cities. Our ambition is to be a place where people from various courses, nationalities and interests can meet to broaden their knowledge about various international and global issues as well as other countries’ culture, population, religion and political systems.

Our organization is divided in different committees that handle their own part of the society.




The Society of International Affairs in Gothenburg is a non-profit organization. Our activities is mainly funded by our membership fees and contributions from different institutions – including MUCF and ForumCiv.

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