Utblick Magazine

Utblick is a student magazine under the umbrella of the Society of International Affairs in Gothenburg (Utrikespolitiska Föreningen), but we write for everyone, in and beyond Gothenburg, who are interested in international politics.

The print edition of Utblick is published twice a year and distributed at university departments, libraries and cafés around Gothenburg, but you can also find it here on our website.

Utblick provides a great platform for those who are interested in international politics and want to communicate that interest to the public through text, photography, video or illustration. If you are a student at university or high school looking to find inspiration on what subject to write your next civics, social or political science essay about, we believe our website is a great place to start.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or want more information on how to become an active member of Utblick, we are always looking for curious and critical voices!

Contact: utblick.got@gmail.com

Read our latest articles on: www.utblick.org




Johanna Bergström

Deputy Editor-in-chief

Adriana Abril