Within UF Gothenburg there are eight different committees, each responsible for different parts of our operations. If you want to become involved, ask something or just pitch some new ideas you can find all contact information below.

Lecture Committee

The Lecture Committee  arranges lectures and debates within the area of international affairs. The main activity is thus to invite lecturers and organize all practical aspects of the events. As an active member of this committee you will have an unique opportunity to arrange lectures on topics of your interest as well as networking possibilities.

Contact: lecture(at)

Social Activity Committee

The Social Activity Committee organizes our much appreciated film club and film festivals in co-operation with Folkuniversitetet, parties for active members and quiz nights among other events. This gives our members the opportunity to socialize, have fun and make new connections. As a member within the committee you will gain experience on all aspects of organizing an event.


Travel Committee

The Travel Committee organizes trips abroad twice every year to destinations of political, cultural and academic interest. As a member within the committee you will gain experience on every aspect of planning a trip abroad, such as booking the trip and accomodation, arranging meetings with organizations in the country, organizing a travel schedule etc.


PR Committee

The PR Committee handles our relations with our members and the media. By being in charge of media relations and organizing publicity for events and lectures, the PR Committee tries to get UF Gothenburg noticed – both by keeping members up to date on our activities as well as spreading information and making connections to new audiences. As a member of the PR committee you will learn how to use small means, networking and cooperation to reach our goals. Our main channels are our website, posters and social media.

Contact: pr(at)

Utblick Magazine

Utblick is a student magazine under the umbrella of UF Gothenburg, but they write to everyone, inside and beyond Gothenburg, who are interested in international politics. For more information, visit their website.


Model United Nations (MUN) Committee

MUN is an extra-curricular activity in which participants role-play delegates/representatives to the United Nations or other intergovernmental organizations. The committee arranges several simulations each semester. They also arrange one trip to a MUN conference abroad each semester. Joining this committee as an active members gives you the opportunity to develop your problem solving, research, public speaking, debating, writing and communication skills as well as learning about critical thinking, teamwork and leadership abilities.

Contact: modelun(at)

UF Youth Ambassador

The Youth Ambassador is the association’s main contact with high schools in and around Gothenburg. The committee is responsible for promoting and arranging events for high school students with an interest in international affairs, in cooperation with the other committees. As a member of the committee you get to be part of involving young people in our association and develop your skills in networking, teamwork and organizing, among other things.

Contact: ufyouth(at)

Radio Utblick

Radio Utblick is a program focusing on the issues of today’s society through a global perspective. Each program involves explaining, discussing and debating, along with experts. They broadcast on K103 Göteborgs Studentradio, through FM 103,1. You can also listen to the programs as many times as you like on Mixcloud.

Contact: radio(at)

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