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Board Election for operational year 2020/2021

Monday, August 3rd, 2020. 08:00 - Monday, August 17th, 2020. 23:59

The Society of International Affairs in Gothenburg is now looking for the new board of 2020/2021!


As a member of the board you have the unique opportunity to contribute to our cause of spreading knowledge and promote issues related to foreign affairs – as well as broadening your network with a dream team. Keep reading below for more on the available positions and make sure to apply at latest 17 August.


Available positions:

– Lead the work of the board and manage relations with external contacts of the association.
– Calling for meetings with all board members
– Represent the association in different contexts, such as speaking at conventions or participating in social events.


Vice President:
– Share some of the tasks of the president.
– Responsible for applying and reporting on grants.


– Manage the bookkeeping and administer ingoing and outgoing payments.
– Selling membership and entrance tickets at our lectures and events.
– Along with the vice president, you’re responsible for applying for and reporting on grants.


– Register new members at our events administer our member register.
– Write the protocols at the board meetings.
– Help develop the UF’s structure and budget.
– Get experience in how the society works from an economic, legal and organisational perspective.


Heads of the Lecture Committee:
(2 positions)
– Planning and hosting lectures throughout the semesters.
– Manage your budget, book lecture halls and coordinate security measures on some instances, organize the work of the active members in the committee effectively.
– As a fun bonus; have the chance to meet and have dinner with many of the invited lecturers.


Head of the Social Committee:
(2 positions)
– Responsible for the film club, debate café and quiz nights, and various social gatherings.
– Find a topic for the debate café “Fika Politica” around a topic related to current state of affairs internationally and moderate the event.
– Organize quiz nights, social activities for members, for parties and sittningar.


Head of the Travel Committee:
– Organize study trips (preferably two study trips a year to abroad/domestic)
– Responsible for gathering a small group of people you trust that can help you with the planning and coordination. The trips are funded through grants, so keep in mind that going on trips requires you to spend some of your private money.


Head of the PR committee:
– Multiple areas of responsibility within public relations, including organizing class visits, arranging events for new students,
– Informing on how to become active in the Society of International Affairs at events and updating the society’s social media channels and website.
– Writing newsletters, designing posters for events, strategically plan how to market the events together with the other committees.


Editors-in-chief of Utblick:
(2 positions)
– Lead the work of the editorial staff of our quarterly magazine on international affairs.
– Manage contact with the printing house, providing feedback to writers’ ideas as well as editing the magazine.
– Keep the website of Utblick updated with new articles.


Head of Radio Utblick:
(2 position)
– Radio Utblick focuses on the issues of today’s society from a global perspective.
– Make sure the radio show is regularly broadcasted.
– Work closely with a team and decide on a theme, conduct interviews, record, edit and broadcast.


Head of the MUN committee:
– Recruit participants for local simulations and delegates for conferences in Sweden and abroad.
– Coordinate practical matters like travel and housing. To assist you with these tasks, you have the active members in the MUN committee.
– Accommodation and travel to international conferences are only partly funded by grants, holding this position requires you to spend some of your personal money.


UF Youth Ambassador:
– Reach out and collaborate with high schools all across the Gothenburg region in an effort to engage younger students, who are a key target group for the association.
– The tasks includes setting up contact with high schools, organizing events at high schools, as well as holding events for high schoolers at the university.
– Work closely and aided in your work by the PR and Lecture committees.


Representative to SAIA (UFS):
– As a representative to the Swedish Association of International Affairs (SAIA), you will represent the UF Gothenburg in the national board, and represent SAIA in our local one.
– Participation in all meetings of the national board, keeping yourself well informed regarding the situation in the member association.
– Contributing and assisting at projects arranged by SAIA, learning what rules and guidelines are applied within the association among other things.


Member of the Election Committee:
(4 positions)
– Responsible for reviewing applications and interviewing and nominating candidates for board positions.


Activity auditor:
– The role of the activity auditor is to make sure the new board follows the operational plan decided upon by the annual meeting assembly.


How to apply

Interested in any of these positions or know anyone who would? Please fill out this form and spread the word!


The deadline for applications is on the 17th of August at 23:59. Please note that you can apply for (but not hold) several positions. You need to be a member of the organization in order to be nominated for a board position. Each committee also welcome coordinators willing to support the organization.


Got questions about the application process, contact us at election@ufgbg.se or the president at president@ufgbg.se


Monday, August 3rd, 2020. 08:00
Monday, August 17th, 2020. 23:59
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