8th day of the week!

Welcome everybody! At this Monday evening we present you one of the Heads of the PR committee. Please meet with Gergo!

PR: Please introduce yourself a little bit:

Gergö: Hey I am, a foreign master student, hanging around in Gothenburg, trying to learn & thrive and make himself useful.

PR: What made you join the UF?

Gergö: I was always into history and later became interested in politics. But I consider myself as observer rather than an active participant. Although I want to add something to the common. And I believe that, spreading the knowledge and awareness is the most, one can do. And in that, our purposes with the UF are aligned.

PR: What according to you is the most current problem facing the world and what do you think is a suitable solution?

Gergö: Harm caused by humanity. And the endless dissatisfaction of ours. Even-though that’s what got us where we are now… Don’t listen to uncle Jagger.
Real solution? Figure out incentives for work without the need for growing.
Additionally I could imagine to turn down the level of arrogance and priggery and up the proclivity for critical thinking and taking responsibility.

PR: What are your thoughts on the environmental issues ?

Gergö: I am quite pessimistic regarding that. The limitless desire to possess and grow will hit back.

PR: If you were to meet a genie, what two wishes would you wish for? For the world and then personally.

Gergo: For the world: Free and equal education and freedom of choice that would be a great combination. And also strength, to not hesitate being provocative. Since only discourse and meaningful debate will bring ideas.
For me: Same strength. Also a lightsaber would be cool.

PR: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now ? 

Gerg.: I have only five year plans. I heard those are almost doable..

PR: What is your hobby ? 

Gergö: Well I like loafing around in the city sometimes, read, listen to music. But I can spend my time in front of my computer easily. By doing basically nothing.

PR: What is your favourite movie ? 

Gergö: Could not name one. I like every movie with some sort of value. So definitely not Transformers. Not my favourite but Cloud Atlas is underrated.

PR: And finally Star Wars, Lord of The rings or Harry Potter ? 

Gergö: Live long and prosper.. Oh I mean.. Luke I am your father!