Are you our new Secretary?

Are you interested in international affairs and willing to try yourself in a civil society organization? Then, a post of the secretary for the Society for International Affairs (UF) is the choice for you!
As a secretary, you are responsible for documenting the work of the Society. You take protocol of all the board meetings and also update membership data. When protocoling, you take key notes and make a summary of what have been decided and discussed at the meetings. It is preferable that you attend lectures end events to recruit and register new members and also help members that have lost or have not brought their membership cards.

You should be familiar with using excel-documents, be comfortable with the English language and have your own computer. It is a very perceptive work and a perfect way to get to know how an organisation actually works, economically, legally and organizationally.

But most important is that the work will be what you make of it. Like our leaving secretary, you can choose to host an event, work with developing UF budget etc. You will learn a lot while having a great time. It is a perfect way to maximize your student time, if you are interested in foreign relations politics!

This position is with the mandate starting in end of August 2016 and until the next annual meeting in January 2017.

Interested? Send your motivation letter and CV to until 29 May 23:59! If you have questions about the position you may ask them to our current secretary, Nicolina Nilsson at