Meet the New Board, Part 6: Elsa Wilhelmsson, Head of the Lecture Committee

Meet Elsa Wilhelmsson, one of our two heads of the Lecture Committee!

Why did you want to be head of the Lecture Committee?

Elsa: I have always loved foreign affairs and when I could combine this passion with something that would challenge me, I ended up in this position! So far so good!


Which international issues do you consider the most important?

Trump and Putin are always interesting to follow, but right now I think Erdogan is the guy to watch. To see in which direction the relationship between Turkey and Europe is going to progress.


Tell us about a significant event in your life (or in the world) that had an impact on you politically.

9/11. It was the first time in my life that I could see how everything in the world connects.


Where were you three years ago and where will you be in three years?

Three years ago I was here in Gothenburg, finding my way among all the different paths the university had to offer. Where I’ll be in three years, I don’t really know but hopefully I will have a master’s degree.


What are you looking forward to in The Society of International Affairs this spring?

The lectures of course! We were off to a great start when we had a visit from Margot Wallström, the Minister of Foreign Affairs. So, I’m looking forward to the remaining lectures this spring and hope that we have a killer schedule for the fall.