Speak out! Become a part of UF Radio Project Group!

Are you based in Gothenburg? Interested in politics and international issues? Looking for a platform to spread your interests and views to a larger audience? Then The Society of International Affairs is looking for you!


Given the interest for global issues at the University of Gothenburg, we think that a show at the student radio devoted to these issues would be a great idea. What we don’t care about however is the format of the show. You could gain experience doing traditional radio journalism. You could interview experts on various issues? Or you could do a podcast where you discuss issues you feel strongly about. You decide!


In helping your radio show become a success, you will receive solid support from the board of The Society of International Affairs, and get access to our extensive network of contacts both when it comes to experts and when it comes to students. We will also spread the content through our media channels.


Send us a brief description of yourself as well as what you’d like to do with the show to radio@ufgbg.se . The last date to apply is May 20th. We will then get in touch with everyone we see fit to be a part of this project, and then we’ll hold an upstart meeting before the end of the semester. As long as we get enough people to start the project at this stage, you will of course have the chance to join the editorial staff at a later moment as well.


Visit the Facebook event page for the UF Radio Project here!