We are looking for new board members! Are you one of them?

Announcement: Right now we are looking for three new board members of different commissions. We are looking for two Heads of PR-committee  for the second part of UF’s year of activity (autumn 2014) and for one UFS Representative for the next UFS’ year of activity 2014-2015


2 x Head of PR-committee

As the Head of the PR-committee you lead the promoting work of the society. It means that you handle the social media, the website, the weekly newsletter and you create posters for upcoming events among other things. Shortly, you make sure that the Society of International Affairs is put on the map. By this commission of trust you will learn how to use small means, networking and cooperation to reach our goals. You will develop your own creativity which can be useful in many ways for your own future.


The time for this commission runs from approximately the end of May til the beginning of January.


Representative to the UFS/SAIA

SAIA, the Swedish Association of International Affairs (in Swedish called Utrikespolitiska  Förbundet, UFS), is the organization for the swedish societies of international affairs. As UF Göteborg’s representative to SAIA, you will meet with representatives from other societies of international affairs, as well as taking an active part in the work of the board of SAIA and its working groups. You are going to be a part of both the board of UF Göteborg as well as the board of SAIA, as a link to the national board where you put forward the opinion of UF Göteborg, and the local level where you within UF Göteborg inform about SAIA’s work.


Advantageous caracteristics as a SAIA representantive is fondness of information/ good communication skills since much of the work as an representative is being a communication channel between UF Göteborg and SAIA. This means that a lot of time will be spent communicating between different parts of the organization. Other advantageous caracteristics are ability to multitask and rhetoric competence.



It is also possible to send a general application to the board, if you don’t want to apply for a specific post. In all cases, send your personal letter with a short motivation on why you want to be a part of our board + CV to e-mail: election@ufgbg.se, on May 13th at the latest. Questions regarding the posts can be sent to election@ufgbg.se.


Welcome with your application!