We invite you to a lecture with Professor Stephen Zunes!

The United States has once again found itself largely isolated in the international community in its support for Israel’s war on Gaza, its opposition to a ceasefire, its refusal to condition military aid, and its vetoes of otherwise-unanimous UN Security Council resolutions. The Biden administration’s policy, while supported by Congressional leaders of both parties, has nevertheless led to widespread domestic opposition, with polls showing a majority of Americans opposing such unconditional support for Israel’s war and occupation. This is particularly pronounced among younger Americans, including Jews, resulting in widespread protests at universities and elsewhere. Such dissent has is threatening Biden’s re-election prospects as many young, Muslim, Arab-American, and other minority voters have pledged to no longer support him.

Join us as we’ve invited Professor Stephen Zunes to talk about the US’s position in the Israel-Hamas war, as well as domestic and national reactions!

Who is Stephen Zunes?

Stephen Zunes is a professor of Politics at the University of San Francisco, where he served as founding director of the Program in Middle Eastern Studies. He is currently serving as the Togny Segerstedt Visiting Research Professor in the Department of Sociology and Work Science at the University of Gothenburg. Professor Stephen Zunes specializes in Foreign Affairs and has published a large body of litterature in Political Science.

Join us on the 27th of March 2024 at 17:30!

Where? Lecture Hall Sappören at Gothenburg University (Sprängskullsgatan 25)!

Hope to see you there!