MUN conference

In April, UF:s newly established Model United Nations (MUN) community attended their first ever conference in Budapest, Hungary.


We are now very proud to announce that UF will send a delegation of 8 people to the MUN conference in Cambridge, United Kingdom, the 28-30th November.

The CUIMUN is a highly regarded conference, so to fill up our delegation, we are now looking for 4 ambitious persons to add to the 4 people who are already involved in our MUN team.

Since significant preparations are needed to attend a MUN conference of this calibre, we are looking for applicants who have both the time and will to play an engaged part both in the preparations as well as during the conference.


Send us your application in the form of a mini-essay to modelun(at) Last day to apply is 27th of September. The mini-essay should present your relevant experiences as well as what you think you will contribute to our delegation. Examples of relevant experiences are internships at international organizations, studies in international politics and participation in other MUN conferences.


Public speaking is an integral part of an MUN conference, so it’s important that you feel comfortable in those situations if you want to become a delegate. But don’t worry, we will practice before heading off to the conference, and the whole purpose of the conference is after all to learn and develop skills that are vital in your future careers.

Please also note that we will hold an information meeting on Monday 22nd September at 16.00 at Sprängkullsgatan 25. Then we will present how MUN works on an overall level, give more info on the specific conference and do a short exercise in which you’ll be able to demonstrate your public speaking skills.


In the case of more applicants than spots, we will have to make a selection. If you don’t get a spot, you’ll still be able to be involved in MUN at the local level during the autumn. Among other things we will do one or two simulation sessions, and possibly also attend a conference in Sweden. Participation in these activities will greatly increase your chances of being selected for international conferences upcoming semesters.

You can read more about MUN on a general level here